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Buckler B6000 safety wellies in Black

Buckbootz safety S5


Now weighing less than the insulated version of Europe's best selling polurethane moulded boot

When you have worn the Buckbootz safety S5 you'll never buy an ordinary rubber, PVC or polyurethene safety wellington boot again........EVER!

Neoprene was invented by Du Pont scientists as an oil resistant substitue for natural rubber and has become renowned as an extremely versatile synthetic rubber.

Neoprene offers a high degree of heat, oil and chemical resistance.

Full flexibility over a wide temperature range,

Remarkable toughness and outstanding stretch, insulation and weightsaving.

When bonded to natural rubber it creates a waterproof saftey boot which is the ultimatein comfort, performance and durability.

Buckler B6000 S5 safety neoprene/ rubber waterproof boots are EN certified exclusively for buckler to full S5 + HRO standards:

  • Steel toecap
  • Steel midsole
  • Antistatic
  • Energy absorption of the seat region
  • Cleated (rubber) Outsoles
  • Heat (300 degree C) and oil resistant outsole

In Addition the boots are fitted with Structural Airmesh breatheable linings and detachable cushion insoles.

Hi-Viz lining rolls down for extra safety.

Brand new K3 sole and aerospenser lining

sizes available is 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 & 13


£73.00 + Zero Rated VAT
Buckler B6000 safety wellies in Black Buckler B6000 safety wellies in Black  2Buckler B6000 safety wellies in Black  3Buckler B6000 safety wellies in Black  4
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